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Engineering information

Water saving, Waste (Water Recycling )

NDU constructed Waste Water Recycling System. It could recycle wastewater and then process it by Sewage Treatment Plant. After recycling, all water can be used in planting and for toilet usage.

NDU Detention Pond

NDU Detention Pond could be integrated with the governmental system in order to enhance flood control within campus and city area.

Electrical and Mechanical center

Electrical and Mechanical center ensures all water and electricity systems can provide enough need at main campus.
2.Hard Ware and Monitoring system:
The mechanical and electrical central affiliation advanced system software carries on monitoring various systems revolution, enables can display function of the water and electricity control and the breakdown early warning, this monitoring equipment control may divide into of:


Figure one:Generator of Back-Up System


Figure twoCooling Tower & System


Figure threeIce Water System